Retrieve Important Project Information With Ease

CrestDocs Dashboard
24th Apr 2020 | News

Many companies experience great difficulty when trying to find and retrieve important information for a project and emails have now become an uncontrollable form of communication.  The process can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming, particularly in the current circumstances, when most project teams are working remotely.

Installing a document management system would save a company a huge amount of time – and time is money.  With the system logging the actions, there would be no need for emails.    Users would be able to view their tasks in the system and it would cater for users who wish to be notified every time an action had been created.

CrestDocs is as a web based drawing and document management solution, that can be hosted in house or in the cloud.  It will manage all project documentation (eg client reports, drawings, method statements, emails, RFI’s, CVI’s, photos and standard company templates)

CrestDocs can be provided as an unlimited licence for the company’s staff and projects, including clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.  Here are some of its features:-

  • Manage all project and company documentation in the cloud.
  • Ability to search and maintain a list of clients, consultants, supplies and sub-contractors.
  • Interactive dashboard of tender and project status.
  • Fast bulk upload of drawing and documents to auto create online registers.
  • Enquiry Management
  • Ability to view drawings and documents full revision history
  • Issue drawings and documents via a download link for comments and approval.
  • Create standard online templates for RFI’s, instructions, letters, H & S documents etc.
  • Task Management with integrated notifications and alerts.
  • Email and notification Management.
  • Utilise user defined codes and keywords.
  • All the above to be implemented in line with current QA and H & S procedures


Please email us at if you would like to arrange an online demonstration, or call us on 01202 593657.


To watch a video of CrestDocs: